May the FROG be with you.

What is the packfrog?

The packfrog is a universal platform to store or exchange arbitrary data or messages - with full end-to-end encryption. Unlike other services, there's no need to download or to install anything. The packfrog runs on all modern operating systems and platforms.

Registered packfrog-users are able to receive and send data from or to any Internet-user - even if those users are not registered themselves. How does that compare to .. well .. them?

In other words - to receive data from anybody, just point them to the packfrog plattform and ask them to enter your email address. That's all. No questions about what "app" they are using. No questions about operating systems. Just point and click - the sender doesn't need a registration, special software or inconvenient downloads.

Commercial packfrog-users can easily integrate the packfrog into their own online environment. This allows customers and clients to securely upload data - even if the company's website is hosted somewhere else. And - by the way - this is an extremely practical way to ensure the adherence to data-security regulations like the European GDPRS. All your client needs is a web-browser and Internet access.

The packfrog doesn't know any passwords, digital keys or other elements. The packfrog doesn't know the details of your data (even the "META"-data is encrypted), we don't know your messages, attachments or other details. This is valid even if you share data or receive or send data from or to unregistered Internet users.

The packfrog is as easy as email - but we added peace of mind. The usage is free for most users. You won't need a credit card and we don't ask for personal details.

IMPORTANT:You need to allow Javascript to use the packfrog. Standard extensions such as "AdBlockPlus" or the "Privacy Badger" work without problems. You may experience difficulties with using other browser extensions or modules.

May The Frog Be With You. Always.

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