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General Questions and Answers
Upload, Download and Sharing
Safety for your account / login

What is the packfrog? The packfrog is a universal platform to store or exchange arbitrary data or messages - with full end-to-end encryption. Unlike other services, there's no need to download or to install anything. The packfrog runs on all modern operating systems and platforms.

Will packfrog work on all computers and smart phones? That's the principle idea. Modern web browsers are awesome and sophisticated tools that allow almost all functionalities that - just a few months ago - would have required dedicated apps or software packages. Please note: Apple iPhone users may experience difficulties with some files. Especially "numbers" or "pages" files. The solution: Store or export these files in "Version 9" format and uploading and sharing should work just fine.

General Questions and Answers

Is packfrog compatible with the European Data Protection Regulation? Our systems do not process third party data because we don't know anything about the data you are storing or sharing. So yes, we believe that you are "ok" using our systems to transfer or store data. But ask your lawyer just to be sure.

Why can't you assist me with password recovery? This is a two part answer. First: We don't know your password. Second: Because it is used as an element in all file encryptions. Simply choosing a new password wouldn't help because you wouldn't be able to de-crypt any of your files. However - you can download a password recovery file in your settings. It enables you to get back into your puddle should you lose or forget your password. Make sure you download it. If all else fails, we can assign a new password - but this requires a complete wipe of all of your files in all puddles and ponds. Contact us for details.

Can the packfrog be installed as an "app"? We support the PWA (Progressive web-app) standards and you are able to install the packfrog on your Desktop or mobile device (Chrome, Android).

Are there any monthly fees or other costs? There are no monthly or membership fees for normal users. As a matter of fact, normal users usually don't pay anything. We are providing a generous number of free "credits" to each user on a monthly basis. Credits are used for downloads only, uploads and shares are free. One "credit" equals one megabyte - if your download your own data, we give you double the rate as each "credit" equals two megabytes.

Will the credits roll-over? Absolutely. Your purchased "credits" are good as long as you use the packfrog. However - if you don't visit the packfrog for 12 months, your account will be terminated and your credits will be .. well .. gone.

Will the frog provide other services too? Absolutely, we will be enhancing our file sharing platform and are planning to add more and more services like messaging and chat to our universal packfrog platform.

Will there be apps for my phone? Yes - we will provide apps - especially for the iPhone. But apps are not necessary to upload, download or share files.

I noticed a snake icon with some message? You know that snakes prey on frogs. So - we don't like 'em very much here and whenever we encounter a problem we assume a snake is slithering around. We most certainly do not create errors and you, our user/s, are not to be blamed either. The logical conclusion: We blame all errors on snakes. ;)

What browsers and operating systems have you tested? We have tested macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and Linux as well as the Google Chrome, Firefox, GNU-Web (Epiphany), Edge and Safari browsers. All browsers and operating systems work fine with standard-sized files. Epiphany, Safari and Edge browsers are only able to handle up to 300 Megabyte of download data and iOS will decide for itself what to do with downloaded data. The frog works perfect on Android (Chrome), macOS (Chrome), Windows (Firefox, Chrome) and Linux (Firefox, Chrome).

Can I use the frog in private browsing or over the TOR network? Unfortunately not. Browsers display very differently in privacy mode and won't allow us to use temporary storage or databases. TOR has it's own special privacy mechanisms that makes it very hard to maintain a secure session. We are working on allowing some functions to in those environments.

I am an IT security person and would like to know more about the frog's encryption. We are using 2048-RSA for signatures and token exchanges. All data will be encrypted in AES/Rijndael at 256bits in CCM mode. Contact us for a detailed white-paper.

I sometimes get weird errors Just reload the page and you should be fine. The communications timeout may have slapped you. Please also note that logins from different devices may disable the first logged in device. So - if you're connected with your phone and connect later from your computer, the phone may no longer be able to communicate with your packfrog account. Simply reload your phone and you're good to go again.


Will I be notified if I receive new data or messages? Of course. We'll send you a push notification if your browser and operating systems supports it. We'll also send you an email (Check your spam folder). You get exactly ONE email for new files and messages. No texts or messages will be dispatched even if you receive more data or messages - until you login to your puddle. However - we may send a reminder if you ignored your email or texts after a week or so.

Are messages End-to-End encrypted as well? Ansolutely. Nobody, except you and your communications partner can read messages or access shared data.

Can I delete messages? Yes. Each communications partner can delete his and the other parties messages. In other words - if one partner deletes any message, it will be deleted for all participating parties.

I can find old(er) messages? All messages will be deleted after 14 days for security reasons. Don't use the messages to keep information. I know - we all do. But the packfrog as an extra "notes" application for that.

Upload, Download and Sharing

Somebody sent me data. But I am not a member? packfrog users are able to forward data even to external (non-packfrog) users. Though we remain unaware of the contents, the general security of the transfer depends on how the sender forwarded the URL (web-address) and if he used a PINcode as an additional protection mechanism. You'll get details about the data once you have started the process and may then decide to start the download of the data.

I am not a packfrog member. Can I send data to packfrog users anyway? Yes. You can. Here's how: Click on "Send Data" or drag your files directly on to the packfrog screen. Follow the instructions to upload your data. Please note: packfrog users may decided not to allow anonymous data uploads. You will receive an error-message in this case.

Is there a way to know if somebody downloaded data I sent? Yes. Check the main-menu for "Files Sent" to get the status of your uploaded or shared files. If you shared data with anonymous receivers, you can check the file status of the file to find out if the file has been downloaded.

Are there any limits on file sizes? Again - that depends. Generally there are no technical limits - but we cap transfers larger than 1 Gigabyte. However - since some browsers lack important functionality, we had to limit file downloads to 300 Megabyte on those browsers. You may upload larger files with them - but you may not be able to download the data with those browsers. Use Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium to download large(r) files.

Are downloads scanned for viruses or malware? No. All data is encrypted and we can't peek into the data packages to conduct scans. We strongly suggest you scan all downloaded data for viruses and malware. Be careful.

How many files am I allowed to keep in my puddle? Puddles are meant to help to facilitate file exchanges. They are not meant for long time file storage because that would require something bigger - like "ponds". Though we will eventually provide "ponds" or even "lakes", we work with puddles right now. So we are limiting your puddle to 50 files with no more than 2 Gigabyte of used space. Files in your puddle will be deleted after 21 days. You can preserve files by tagging them. Click the small star icon on the left side and your files won't be automatically deleted.

What is sharing? Sharing allows other people to download / access some of your data. You don't need to upload the data again. Sharing data with other packfrog users is safe and the security and confidentiality will not be broken. You can also share data with external people. This will create a link (a web address) that can be sent or forwarded to the intended receiver. While the data itself remains encrypted, anybody with access to the link will be able to download the data. You can (and should) use a PINcode to mitigate this risk. However - you need to forward the PINcode to the receiver using alternative channels (like phone messaging) . You need to be very careful how you forward a share link. If you have a safe way to transmit the link (like a secure messenger) your data stays safe and confidentiality will not be broken.

Is it possible to upload, download or share multiple files at the same time? Yes, you are able to upload or share 5 files in one process. You can also download multiple files up to a combined size of 300 MByte. Exporting files to "non"-packfrog users is limited to one file at a time.

Is it possible to recall shared files? Whenever you share data with other packfrog users, you are copying the data and it remains available for the receiver even if you delete the originating file. In other words - you can't recall shared data. However - if you make data available for "non"-packfrog users, you can terminate access at any time. And access to this file is also no longer possible, should you delete the original file.

Some files disappeared from my puddle ? Well - puddles dry up. As they are only used for file exchange, all data within your puddle will be deleted after 21 days. You can preserve files by tagging them. Click the small star icon on the left side and your files won't be automatically deleted.

Can I create folders (sub-puddles) to organize my data? The packfrog already provides a number of folders for you to organize your data. You can even name the folders any way you want. Future "pond" or "lake" expansions will make additional folder and sub-folders available

Will I be able to send or share data with a group of people? Yes. You can even share multiple files with different receivers. Simply select the files, click "Share" in the 3dot-menu, then select the receivers from your contact-list.

My browser can't download this file? The frog uses a number of very modern browser technologies. Not all browsers have included those mechanisms into their environment yet. This is why we suggest the usage of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However - you can communicate, up- and download data with other browsers as well. But the file sizes may be limited.

Safety for your account / login

Why should I export my password? We don't know your password and it is part of the encryption we are using for all of your data. If you lose your password, all of your stored data and messages are lost. This is why we strongly suggest to export your password. Select settings from the main-menu and "Download" in "Login Password Backup". You'll receive an encrypted file that you can use to recover your password. Store it in a safe place

What is a "Login-Token"? The login-token is a convenient way to add 'some' more security to your account. Add it in front of your email-address during login. If you configured "cookie" as your token (in "Settings"), you need to enter "cookie#your@email.adr" during the next login. Your email address is probably known by a lot of people and they may lure you to a look-alike packfrog-page to extract your password, but you see right away that the token is missing and even if they succeed in getting your password, they won't be able to login without the token.

What is 2FA / U2F ? 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a method that requires a second element in addition to your login/password combination. Some services send you a security code, we are using the much safer U2F (Universal Two Factor) protocol. You require a U2F hardware key (USB- and/or NFC). You need to activate your key in "Settings". WARNING: You won't be able to login without the key once the 2FA is activated. You are able to de-activate 2FA in "Settings", but that again will require the key you used when you activated the function.

What Browsers support U2F verification ? Google Chrome (Chromium) supports U2F directly. You may use NFC enabled keays on your Android-phone, but you need to install the "Google Authenticator" first. U2F (USB) is also supported on Firefox, but you need to activate it first. Enter "about:config" into the address bar and acknowledge the warning. Use the search function to find "u2f" (without quotes) and double-click the found key "security.webauth.u2f". You may then use your U2F USB-hardware key. Safari on Mac OS X support U2F with a freely available plugin.

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