May the FROG be with you.

Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. However - we need to be able to reliably identify you and your browser. This is necessary to ensure that nobody is able to steal, influence or manipulate the data exchange between the packfrog's servers and you. In a nutshell: We know your email address and we know that you are storing or exchanging data with somebody else. We don't know what data you are sharing, we can't access your data or passwords. You can terminate your packfrog account and we will delete all associated data after a grace period.

Here are a few details. We use several mechanisms to achieve the necessary identification:


Cookies are small data packages that will be stored in your browser. We will attempt to delete the cookies if you logout from our servers. However - this may not always clear the cookies, you can use your browser's privacy settings to manually delete cookies.

Security Tokens:

Security tokens use generally available details (like your IP-Number, your browser and browser-capabilities) and create a number out of it. This number / token is a fingerprint and allows us to verify to send data only to the browser that requested it. The tokens are time stamped and will become invalid after a certain amount of time. The tokens cannot be reversed into the details we used to calculate it.

Verified handshake:

Registered users receive a specially crafted data package after login that only the registered user will be able to decipher. With all subsequent requests we expect the correct answer and will not deliver any data or information if the expected answer is omitted or wrong. This data package will be different for each user and every login, it will also expire after some time.

Browser database:

packfrog uses your web-program's internal database to store several elements important for the functionality of the service. That includes downloaded data if the data is too large to be handled in memory. We try to clear everything as soon as we don't need it anymore, but - depending on your browser - , this may or may not be completely successful.

To sum it all up: We attempt to be able to reliably identify the user and browser each time a request is made. This is simply necessary to ensure the safe functionality of the service. You can delete or invalidate those security and handshake tokens by clicking


This will NOT delete your account. Feel free to contact us with any question or concern you may have.

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