May the FROG be with you.

Welcome to your pond - the "frog" - is a business unit of PACKFROG AG . The name "frog" derives from Old English frogga, abbreviated to frox, forsc, and frosc, probably deriving from Proto-Indo-European preu = "to jump". Our packfrog (latin: Boophis Securitae) helps Internet users to exchange confidential data.

About packfrog's security mechanisms

The frog uses complex encryption to allow it's users to share and exchange data without the need to know the other party. There is nothing special to download or to install. All data, all keys and passwords are exchanged, stored or processed in a way that makes it impossible for any third party (and that includes us) to access or use it. In other words: the frog has no knowledge of the data or associated information (like file names or -types). This is called End-to-End encryption. packfrog has no knowledge of passwords or other confidential elements and the frog is unable to decrypt, access or modify the data its users are sharing.

As no system is completely without errors, you must not use the frog to store or share data that is highly valuable, for any data related to human life or other activities that may cause damage to property or may harm human life. All data shared, up- or downloaded, all services and materials on packfrog's web site are provided "as is". Usage of the communications environment for any kind of illegal activity is not permitted. packfrog will cooperate with all appropriate law-enforcement organization if illegal use of our service is suspected.

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